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Story of Yokohama

The Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd is a Japanese manufacturing company with Global interests in the Tyre industry which account for around 80% of its total business. In addition Yokohama manufactures and supplies products to the Marine and Aerospace sectors, Golf equipment as well as Industrial products.

Established in 1917 in the city of Yokohama, more information on the origins, history and evolution of the company can be found here:

With Head Offices in Tokyo, Japan, in Europe the European Regional Headquarter is in Duesseldorf Germany, from where its network of Distributors and Subsidiaries covering the countries in Europe are kept up to date with the Corporate strategy and direction and receive support. Yokohama facilitiesin Europe also include a European Distribution Centre in Germany, as well as a Test Centre at the legendary Nuerburgring. For winter testing, Yokohama boasts a state of the art facility in Sweden, near the Polar circle, from where it conducts tyre testing and development. As part of its efforts to reach out to more people and increase its Global brand awareness, in 2015, Yokohama signed a shirt partnership with the Premier League team, Chelsea FC.


Cooperation of Yokohama with Point S

The relationship with PointS has been strengthening over time and has expanded from partnerships at a national level for a number of years. The collaboration with the UK has grown significantly as well as in other countries. In 2018, having been awarded Gold Status within PointS, Yokohama will seek to broaden the opportunities and extend the partnership to establish further growth in other markets for mutual benefit.


Yokohama tyres for all vehicle: Cars, Trucks and more!

Yokohama offers thewhole range of tyres from Passenger car, Commercial, Truck and Bus, OTR and Motorsport tyres, each with specific specialist performances of which high-quality and premium form part of their distinguishing features. The high-performance ADVAN brandforms part of Yokohama's premium portfolio which covers OE Fitments with the leading car manufacturers in the world such as Porsche, Daimlerand BMW to name a few. Yokohama's involvement in Motorsport at the highest levels, also see national and international competitions which spans the globe, and include the FIA World Touring Car Championship, which has seen Yokohama as its exclusive tyre supplier since 2006. The involvement of Yokohama in Motorsports, at a grassroots level as well as in FIA approved professional Motorsports enables a continuous development of know-how, technology and expertise, the benefits of which are then passed on to its range of passenger car tyres. Additionally Yokohama offers a range of environmentally friendly and fuel-saving tyres with its BluEarth range, which focus on reduced noise, increased economy through fuel saving properties as well as comfort and respect for the environment.For SUV's and 4x4, Yokohama also boasts the Geolandar range which ensures better mileage and traction, as well as wear performance and comfort.


Yokohama Winter Tyres range

Discover more on winter Yokohama tyres range and download the following file to find your perfect winter tyre.


Yokohama Summer Tyres range

Download the file to choose your summer tyre.


Yokohama Trucks Tyres range

Download the file to choose the perfect tyre for your truck.


Where to buy Yokohama tyres?

Are you looking for Yokohama tyres? Get in touch with your nearest Point S shop to discover if Yokohama brand is available and make fitting your new Yokohama tyres by one of our experts!

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