Mounting and maintenance of your Michelin tyres


Our Point S centers distribute Michelin tyres and offer a large range for all vehicles : passenger cars, SUV’s, vans and others !
Our experts are at your disposal to advise you and to help you finding your ideal Michelin tyre according your driving behaviour and your vehicle.


Maintenance of your Michelin tyres : Pressure, Alignement and others !

Does your vehicle have Michelin tyres? To maximize the performance of your tyres as long as possible our Point S experts advise you to maintain them regularly. In fact, tyres are the only component between your vehicle and the ground that is why having them checked regularly is essential to ensure your safety.

  • Inflate and pressure: properly inflated tyres can save you up to 20% fuel, this basic operation should be done more often by motorcyclist!
  • Repair: We inspect your flat tire and repair it if possible. Indeed, repairing your car tyre is often the most economical solution depending on the type of puncture.
  • Balancing and alignment: Point S centers are equipped with the latest automotive equipment for wheel alignment and wheel balancing.


Michelin worldwide

Michelin is a world leader in tyres and places technological innovation at the center of its development. Michelin's vocation is to contribute to the progress of mobility by practicing its values: respect for customers, respect for people, respect for shareholders, respect for the environment, respect for the facts. 
Michelin tyres are a reference for all types of vehicles: motorcycles, vans, passenger cars. Drivers can take advantage of Michelin's permanent innovations! ... Michelin has always aimed to understand the needs of car drivers. Climate change, for example, is a real concern for consumers seeking to arm themselves against these climatic hazards. That's why Michelin launched a major innovation, the Michelin CrossClimate tire. 
For the most sportive drivers, the structure and sculpture of the Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tire is based directly on F1 technology.


Where to buy Michelin tyres?

Would you like to have Michelin tyres fitted? Contact your Point S Abidjan store to book an appointment or have more information.

No stress with PointS
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    Point S offers you the guarantee that we will change your tyres in one hour maximum, otherwise you will get your money back!

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    At Point S, the level of service is harmonized in all the points of sale and always the best for our customer.

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    Always find the best quality of service at the best price: our network is the most competitive in terms of pricing for both our products and services.

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