Point S services: from tyre services to vehicle maintenance

Trust the Point S experts to take care of your tyres and your car!

Point S offers you a whole range of tyre services to take care of your vehicles in your nearest Point S shop: tyre replacement, alignment, balancing or pressure checking. We also offer to our customers all vehicles maintenance services and car service operations with a full range of services. Have a look on the tyre services and vehicle maintenance services below to know more!


Tyre sales and tyre services

As tyre dealers, Point S specialists will help you finding the most suitable tyre to meet your needs if you want to buy new tyres. Even after tyre mounting we offer all tyre services in order to maintain and extend your tyre lifetime.


Car maintenance services

Point S is a tyre expert, but we offer a variety of services to help you getting back on the road safely. Asa car service center, we provide a wide range of preventative maintenance for your car. It is very practical and time-saving when your car is already in the garage to combine your tyre replacement with some other car service operations. Whether if it is for changing the oil of your vehicle, or performing the necessary brakes maintenance, Point S specialists are trained to meet the most rigorous requirements of car maintenance services.


Tyre services and maintenance of trucks and tractors

Point S takes care of all tyres whatever the type of vehicle. Some of our Point S shops offer tyres and maintenance services not only for cars but also for professional vehicles like trucks and even agricultural vehicles. Read more on services dedicated to professional vehicles below.


No stress with PointS
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    Point S offers you the guarantee that we will change your tyres in one hour maximum, otherwise you will get your money back!

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    At Point S, the level of service is harmonized in all the points of sale and always the best for our customer.

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    Always find the best quality of service at the best price: our network is the most competitive in terms of pricing for both our products and services.

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