Point S, the first network of tyre dealers and car maintenance


As one of the biggest brands in the tyre business, Point S has achieved an international presence all over the world and a powerful international network.



Originally a French tyre dealer association created by independent business entrepreneurs in 1971, Point S is today the biggest independent tyre dealer network in the world.

The international headquarters have been created in 2006 and are based in Lyon, France. The company is named Point S Development and its multi-cultural team is in charge of several missions for the network:
  • Keep on developing the network worldwide
  • Negotiation of agreements of international cooperation with the different suppliers
  • Negotiating with international key account customers
  • Create and develop the range of Point S private label products
  • Create and implement some support tools in marketing and communication to help the countries in their own strategies
  • Implementing and monitoring common quality standards in terms of retail operations and services
  • Order and manage some market surveys and analyses to keep a very accurate vision of the different market trends and anticipate the future evolutions of the market
  • Develop new IT solutions in B2B & B2C and information systems
  • Coordinate the policies of the different Point S countries and help the national headquarters sharing their best practices.

After consolidating a very strong network in Europe, Point S has extended to the North American continent. A North American headquarter has been established in 2015 in Boston, Massachussetts, to coordinate the activities on this continent: Point S North America.



The mission of the international headquarters is to defend the independence of the network and make sure that it remains profitable for all the members around the world.

To achieve this goal, they negotiate an interesting purchasing policy based on the strength of the international presence, they develop some marketing and communication policies to achieve a global presence in the media, providing some strong sell-out support. They also develop some innovative solutions in order to keep on meeting the challenges of the automotive industry.



No stress with Point S!

The promise offered in each and every point of sale of our network is to satisfy our customer by preventing them from stressful moments in the garage. Our experts are there to take care of your vehicle and make sure that you are satisfied with the service they provide you.

Our strength is to keep a human dimension despite our international presence, by following the core values which have been key to our success:
  • an ambitious and passionate spirit,
  • sharing of best practices
  • always follow the latest innovations and train our teams accordingly
  • a customer-oriented culture with the highest quality standards.



We strongly believe that independent tyre dealers can only survive and remain profitable and powerful by teaming up together, because together we are stronger!

Considering the evolution of the industry and our fast moving world, where changes have been felt not only by concentration in the tyre and parts industry but also by distribution within each continent, we really work hard to build a strong network in which the members benefit from the synergies and a global power.

The success of the Point S business model is, and will remain, the result of our ability to achieve the right balance between our dealers’ independence and the interest of the whole group.

If you want to learn more about our international network, please visit Point S Development website.

No stress with PointS
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    Point S offers you the guarantee that we will change your tyres in one hour maximum, otherwise you will get your money back!

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    At Point S, the level of service is harmonized in all the points of sale and always the best for our customer.

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    Always find the best quality of service at the best price: our network is the most competitive in terms of pricing for both our products and services.

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